Paw scrub, medicated foot soak, pad moisturizer, nail trim & buff (polish optional)

SM/MED $20            LG $23           XL $26            XXL $30


D-grease $7                         Flea/Tick $7

​Furminator $10

Medicated Antifungal/Antibacterial $10​


*Massaging bath in spa tub

*Hypo-allergenic shampoo & coat conditioner

*Trim/condition pads; cut and buff nails

*Cleaning eyes, ears & sanitary area

​*Blow dry and brush out

*Finishing spray and bandana

*Pet photo & homemade peanut butter treat!


​EARS (cleanser, trim & pluck)

EYES (remove boogers, trim around eyes)

NAILS (pads trim & condition; nail cut & buff)

​TEETH (brush w/toothpaste; mint foam breath freshener)


Fees are in addition to the grooming fee and also apply to when only choice is complete shave

$25 MILD (up to 1 hr)

$40 MODERATE (1 to 1 1/2 hrs)

$60 SEVERE (1 1/2 to 2 hrs)

$80 EXTREME (2 to 3 hrs)

​To de-mat is time consuming and painful to your dog

We understand some pets can be very unsure, nervous and anxious about the grooming experience.  We treat each pet as our own and respect how they may be feeling.  During the grooming experience, we take our cues from your pet, take the time to bond with them and will never push.  We will take frequent breaks, if needed, to calm your pet.  We us a hand-held dryer (not cage dryers) and stay with your pet the entire time.  If the use of the dryer is stressful, we will stop periodically to sooth your pet.  If it is still too much, we will simply towel dry your pet.  We are not about quantity of pets we see but are about the quality of service during the time we spend with your pet.  THANK YOU for trusting us with your family!


*BARK-N-BATH + CANINE CUT for complete groom


*Clipper cut with scissor finish and brush out

*Trim/condition pads; cut and buff nails

*Cleaning eyes, ears & sanitary area

*Finishing spray & bandana

*Pet photo & homemade peanut butter treat!



Based upon size & breed                SM: up to 15lb

                                                             MED: 16 to 40lb

CALL FOR A QUOTE                          LG: 41 to 70lb

260-749-6549                                    XL: 71lb to 100lb​                                                                        XXL: over 101lb​