All of our MUZZLE-LICKING, gourmet dog and cat treats are made from scratch using fresh and natural,  human-grade ingredients.  We do not add butter, sugar, salt, dyes, additives, chemicals, artificial colors or flavors.  Our broth is homemade and sodium free.   We have a variety of flavors your dog and cat is sure to love!  Treats may vary in size and not all be exactly the same.   

Our menu includes decorated specialty treats,  gourmet Pupcakes, Pooch Hooch, doggie candy and more.  We also bake gourmet treats for our feline friends such as Kitty Cakes, catnip cookies, muffins and crunchy treats.  Add that special touch of personalization!  Dogs, young & old, will be BEGGIN' for more!



When you place your order, let us know when you would like to pick up your order. 


Our soft treats have an average shelf life of 7-10 days & MUST BE REFRIGERATED.  Even with refrigeration, they will have a short shelf life, much like our human foods.  They will mold quickly if not stored properly.


All recipes/ingredients have been researched and tested on various dogs/cats.    We also consult with our local vet.  However, we cannot rule out the possibility of particular food intolerances in certain dogs/cats and cannot be held liable in this case.  Our treats are intended for special occasions.  They are meant as an addition to your dog's/cat's regular diet and should NEVER be used to replace a balanced/nutritious diet.  You know your pet better than anyone; therefore it is essential to ask the advice of your local vet if you have any concerns.


Browse our website to see our selection of healthy, gourmet dog and cat treats.  Personalized orders welcome!  Allow 72 hours to bake, decorate and package your order.  Click on the "FETCH" button for details and to purchase.  You can also call us to place your order.


Our crunchy treats have an average shelf life of 8-10 weeks & do not require refrigeration.  Treats should be stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.  If you choose to, you may store treats in the refrigerator or freezer.