Chi-Weenie 9/15/2017)

Jack-Chi (11/17/2012)



Chi-Weenie 5/17/2012)


Border-Chi 8/10/2013)

German Shepherd (5/26/2016)


The DAWG-E-BAG story began with the rescue of our first puppy.  Zoey was our founding hound & inspired our search for healthier dog treats!

June 2012, Zoey (5 weeks), joined us.  She was malnourished, under weight & covered in fleas.  With medical care, healthy food & treats, she began to grow & flourish!!

May 2013, Jack (6 months), joined us. Abandoned at the shelter, several failed adoptions & suspected abuse, he had some behavioral issues.  With love, patience & a big sister to guide him, his personality began to shine! 

October 2013, Castle (2 months), joined us.  The last puppy in the litter, he needed a home quickly or be taken to the shelter.  One look at his furry little face & I took him home!

August 2016, Nyx (3 months), joined us.  Malnourished, abused, under weight, neglected & fearful, she had severe behavioral issues.  With love, patience & training, she trusted again & grew into a healthy dog!

July 2017, Gabby Ann (10 months), joined us.  Born with a short bottom jaw & deformed palate, her tongue hangs out.  At 3 months, she lost her right eye.  At 6 months, she was stolen from her home in Colorado.  She was homeless, afraid & needed proper care in a safe home.

March 2018, Bella Grace (1 1/2 years), joined us.  Born in a puppy mill, she lived in a crate & bred.  Everything was scary; people, noises, grass, toys, & other dogs.  Slowly, she learned how to be a dog; a happy, loving dog!

October 2018, Nova Leigh (2 month old), joined us.  She was purchased & one day later, was unwanted.  Her "mom" wanted us to take her right away.  She fit right in with our "gang"!

Our quality-control experts are excited to share their favorite treats with you & make new fur-friends!  We are looking forward to sharing our "pawsome" treats!

**ALL of our fur-babies are rescues**

German Shepherd (12/10/2018)

Chihuahua (9/17/2016)